Headquartered in Lynnwood, Washington, just 20 miles north of downtown Seattle, Radia calls the Pacific Northwest our home. We have facilities throughout the state of Washington, with additional partner locations in Alaska and Idaho.

There are many benefits to living and working in Washington state and the greater Pacific Northwest:

  • Water access: Washington has roughly 2,500 miles of marine shoreline
  • Outdoor activities: three National Parks reside within Washington’s boundaries
  • Green initiatives: Washington is consistently ranked one of the most environmentally friendly states in the country
  • No state income tax: Washington does not impose an income tax on its residents
  • Generous state policies: from higher-than-federal minimum wage to paid leave, Washington is known for its generous employment laws
  • Availability of public transportation: buses, light rails, ferries, and ride shares abound in the region

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Seattle Region

Everett Region

Vancouver Region

Spokane Region

Eastside Region

Olympia Region

Peninsula Region